Longevity is not a popular concept in the music business.  It seems that every label is outfitted with a revolving door for its staff  – with musical groups, its even worse.   Bands are formed, bands are dissolved and then reformed again.  Very few bands exist today which have the same members as they did a decade ago.  That’s why a band which has been together for more than three decades is very special: that kind of commitment is rare.

ZZAH consists of five talented and dedicated musicians: Keyboardist Richard Garoogian, Guitarist Rod Borges,  Drummer/Percussionist Mark Shuklian, Bassist Mike Gruwell and Percussionist Ron Gibian.  The band hails from Central California, an area whose contribution to the world of music is rich and plentiful.  Though from California their music souls reflect the traditions of the East Coast.  These are serious musicians, yet their playing mirrors their sense of joy and effervescence – the meaning of the word ZZAH.  This is a band whose greatest joy is turning people on to their band of contemporary jazz… melodic West Coast sensibilities with an East Coast approach to soloing.


ZZAH has been featured at the Russian River Jazz Festival, the Santa Barbara Jazz Festival and the Sierra Summer Festival, as well as countless venues up and down the West Coast including the famous Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.  The group has appeared with George Benson, Billie Preston (the 5th Beatle), Spyro Gyra, David Benoit, The Yellowjackets, Pancho Sanchez, Maynard Ferguson, Joe Sample, Larry Carlton, Richard Elliot… The list goes on and on!


Tracks from ZZAH’s four CD releases have been programmed on more than 260 radio stations throughout North America.